Mood and atmosphere Photo Booth at Oxford Exchange Tampa

Caitlyn and Thomas

Oxford Exchange in Tampa, Florida is one of the classy’s places we have been to in Tampa! Such a gorgeous wedding venue, and that is why we decided to ditch the background for the photo booth in this wedding. We went with the classy no props, atmosphere type of photo booth which captures the mood of the wedding really well. This isn’t easy to accomplish though, most photo booths would not be able to get this look. It takes a lot of knowledge to get the background atmosphere into the picture while using flash. We are wedding photographers, so that gave us the upper had. We have to say we are digging this look and want to do more of this in the near future! Anyways, Caitlyn and Thomas were happy the way it turned out! We are thankful to be at such a gorgeous wedding on a Friday night! Looking forward to being at Oxford Exchange in the future! Just 6 or 7 out of 144 images.

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