Man oh Man! Tony and Cassie’s wedding was the place to be on Saturday! Even though the night ended at 11pm, Tony and Cassie’s friends and family partied like crazy! We are pretty sure that party continued at some nearby club or bar right after. Literally about 95% of the people that where at the Quartermaster Depot for the wedding reception danced their faces off even though the alcohol ran out! These guys and gals LOVED the photo booth! When you mix buzzed people with photos stuff gets a bit crazy, some stuff we cant even show you.. The night was fun, Tony and Cassie decided to go with the classy route and use the gold backdrop instead of the black they initially wanted. With this particular party I think that was a good choice. Fallbrook Photography once again photographed this wedding and you can check out their images in a week or so (Oct 31st weekend) at

Thanks to DJ Sosa for providing the great music (and most likely making guests at the Hilton not happy, haha). He did a great job and when the DJ does a great job the photo booth gets rocking!

Congrats Tony and Cassie, here’s to many loved filled years for you guys! 🙂

Here are a few of our favorite photo booth images of Tony and Cassie’s wedding!