From the Farm was the place to be on halloween! Forget the candy and knocking on doors in the local neighborhood, the Riesland family threw the best party we have been to on any Halloween day. This is the first year we were invited but hopefully we will be invited back next year. DJ Platinum (premiere DJ for events in Yuma) was even there laying down mostly oldies and country music (definitely our choice of music too), and a little sprinkle of snoop dog and the like by the end of the night. We deifinitely saw some outstanding costumes come threw the photo booth that night (see photos below). Some that stick out to us is a guy riding a inflatable donkey haha, a whole group of landscapers who showed up to the event in a beat up truck holding rakes and other lawn tools with a clever business name (Big Willy Landscaping). We also saw many cats/tigers and even a very scary scare crow! It was a great time getting to hang with the Riesland family. They are amazing people! One more thing happy birthday to “Mean Princess” Jackie and “Farmer” John Riesland who also celebrated their birthdays that night.

Venue: From The Farm, Yuma, Arizona

DJ: DJ Platinum